Infrared Sauna – 1T QUARTZ

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The Saunas – 1T QUARTZ is specially designed for the purpose of giving the same feeling of large saunas at home. This sauna has 4 powerful quartz heaters for the purpose of controlling the temperature of the sauna room. There is also an oxygen ionizer present in this sauna. Besides these features, there are two control panels present in this sauna. So, if one starts to malfunction, you can use another one. There is a light is inside the sauna. So, you can read something while enjoying the heat bath inside it. If you are bored of reading, there is a CD/AM/FM stereo also. There are 3 pieces of starlight with 7 colour changing LED lights. The power of this sauna is 1400W/1200W. The size of the entire sauna is 900x900x1900mm.

Main components:

Quartz heater -4pcs

Oxygen ionizer

Double control panel

Reading light 1pc inside

CD/AM/FM Stereo

Star light- 3pcs

7 colour changing LED lights

Power : 1200W