Infinity 938 HQ 1800x800mm

£3,700.00 £3,190.00

  • CE- This Ceart means that this product conforms with the essential requirements of the applicable EC Directives
  • TUV – Technical Approval of Independent Certification Body
  • Cleaning system – OZONE DISINFECTION built in! Thanks to that option water will be crystal clear, free of germs any kind of contamination.
  • Fast Delivery!! Only Brand New Products! 24 months parts warranty guaranteed!
  • Only with us, you have 100% sure that the equipment described below will 100% agree with the actual condition of delivered to you bath.


DIMENSIONS: 1800x800x650mm

High quality Sanitary Acrylic


  • Centrifugal pump (water) 1.5HP
  • STRONG HEAT Air Pump (0.75HP) JACUZZI (warm bubbles)
  • Water heating with 1500W (1,5KW) power
  • Jets together – 40

*22x AIR JETS+ 2 LED air jets – Air jets mounted on the bottom of the bathtub (Jaccuzi function)

*16 water jets:

-8 water jets on the sides of the tub

-8 jets for back massage (4 jets per post)

  • 2 large waterfall with LED light – water massage on the back
  • The bathtub has a water runoff in the lowest water bus, thanks to which the water does not remain in the tub pipes.
  • Touch control panel with built-in radio, bluetooth function and USB output
  • dial for water massage strength (addition of air for water massage)
  • multi-functional elegant shower head
  • wide spout waterfall for pouring water into the tub
  • an additional remote control for operating the bathtub


  • water consumption switch
  • intensity change switch
  • battery with a ceramic head
  • water circulation
  • 2 x elegant comfortable pillow
  • housing in the set visible in the pictures (the housing is on three sides two short sides and the front)
  • water outflow
  • LED lights on the housing x 7
  • siphon
  • connection water for 0/5 inch water


Red – stimulates, supports circulation, adds energy.

Green – calms and improves the mood, adds self-confidence, supports metabolism.

Blue – calms and calms, supports the treatment of rheumatism and throat diseases.

Violet – regulates the glands of the endocrine system, especially the pituitary gland, supports the construction of white blood cells, helpful in the treatment of lung, liver and kidney diseases.


The bathtub set includes the whole set visible in the pictures, after receiving the bathtub you only need to connect to the current hot / cold water, sewage drain (included) and connect to the 230V socket, and we can already pour water and enjoy the wonderful bath with radio, color therapy, ozonator.

The bathtub is on a steel frame !!!

  • Parallel air bus (each jet is supplied separately)
  • serial water line (jets connected in a closed circuit)


* protection of the water pump against overheating and puncture

* protection of the air pump against overheating and puncture

* main protection against puncture


If you intend to buy a bathtub with hydro-massage, it must be OZONE DISINFECTION FUNCTION, thanks to this feature the drainage of the bathtub will be free from bacteria, algae and other pollutants. In addition, you will never feel an unpleasant odor during a long period of non-use of the bathtub !!!! Ozone disinfection eliminates unpleasant odors from water, water will always be clean !!!

Air-water massage + JACUZZI

  • massage causes oxygenation of the body
  • we feel relaxed and rested
  • our cells under the influence of oxygenation cause a rejuvenation process
  • more and more often, aromatherapy is used for bathing in a jacuzzi.

Essential oils added to the bath cause that we get stronger healing effects and the bath becomes more pleasant. You can use the so-called a pearl bath with aromatherapy or an aromatic bath. Such baths relax, stimulate, strengthen and support during periods associated with colds. The temperature of the water bath should be within 35-38 C, while the aromatic bath should not exceed 20-30 minutes.

Very high standard of equipment, high quality finish and used materials for production, high quality acrylic, which will not rub off even after 10 years !!, resistant to any scratch