FERRARA 934 HQ 1920x1310x710mmmm

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DIMENSIONS: 1920x1310x710mm

If you are going to buy a whirlpool tub, it must have an OZONE DISINFECTION FUNCTION,  the tub drainage will be free of bacteria, algae and other products. Additionally, you will never feel an unpleasant smell when not using the bathtub for a long time !!!! Ozone disinfection eliminates unpleasant odors from the water, the water will always be clean !!! Many users of bathtubs with complain about the bad smell, because there is no ozone disinfectant or it does not call during bathing.


  • 2 pcs Centrifugal pump (water) 1.5HP (1500W)
  • 1 pc STRONG Air Pump 0.50HP 300W BUBBLES JACUZZI
  • 1 pc Water heating with a power of 1500W (1.5KW)

Total jets 42
* 16 AIR JETS mounted on the bottom of the bathtub (Jacuzzi function) very small jets almost flush with acrylic
* 2 air jets with multi-color LED light
* 24 small water jets
* 4 WATERFALLS on the neck

17 LED lights

  • The bathtub has water outlets in the lowest water main, water does not remain in the bathtub pipes.
  • Touch control panel with built-in radio, Bluetooth function and USB output
  • Complementing the fisheries policy (water supply to sea water)
  • metal elegant hand shower
  • wide waterfall spout for pouring water into the bathtub
  • additional bathtub remote control
  • water consumption
  • changes in intensity
  • faucet with a ceramic head
  • water circulation
  • 4 x elegant comfortable pillow
  • The enclosure in the set is visible in the photos from three sides (two short sides and one long side)
  • LED lights on the housing 6 pcs
  • 0.5 inch water connection hoses

Parallel air bus (each jet powered separately)
serial water main (jets connected in a closed scenario)

* water level sensor (dry water pump software)
* water expenses against overheating and electric breakdown
* air pump against overheating and breakdown
* main before breakthrough

Red color – stimulates, supports circulation, adds energy.
Green color – calms down and improves mood, self-confidence, supports metabolism.
Blue color – calms and calms down, supports the treatment of rheumatism and throat diseases.
Violet color – regulates the work of the endocrine glands, especially the pituitary gland, supports the first criteria of blood cells, is helpful in lung diseases, searching and testing.

• CE- This Cert means that this product conforms with the essential requirements of the applicable EC Directives
• TUV – Technical Approval of Independent Certification Body
• Cleaning system – OZONE DISINFECTION built in! Thanks to that option water will be crystal clear, free of germs any kind of contamination.
• Fast Delivery!! Only Brand New Products! 24 months parts warranty guaranteed!
• Only with us, you have 100% sure that the equipment described below will 100% agree with the actual condition of delivered to you bath.