Crystal SPA 701 2300x2300mm

£10,000.00 £7,300.00

  • CE- This Ceart means that this product conforms with the essential requirements of the applicable EC Directives
  • TUV – Technical Approval of Independent Certification Body
  • Cleaning system – OZONE DISINFECTION built in! Thanks to that option water will be crystal clear, free of germs any kind of contamination.
  • Fast Delivery!! Only Brand New Products! 24 months parts warranty guaranteed!
  • Only with us, you have 100% sure that the equipment described below will 100% agree with the actual condition of delivered to you bath.


DIMENSIONS : 2300x2300x970 mm

Equipment characteristics Whirlpool SPA

  • US ACRYLIC color : blue
  • 3 seats

Construction of the whole pool of stainless steel

Total number of stainless steel jets: 117 


*Small jets HYDRO JET spot diameter 2 x 31

*Small jets HYDRO JET spot diameter 1.5 x 59

*Water jets ROTARY Large Hydro SPA JETS diameter 4 x 2

*Large Water jets Hydro-point rotary SPA JETS diameter 3.5 x 2

*Small jets HYDRO JET spot diameter 2.5 x 3

*Large water jets diameter 3.5 x 4

*LEDs air jets (seven color) 1 x 16

*Recessed jets do not stick out beyond the acrylic bathtub

*Computer control basin BILBOA x 1

*Hydromassage water pumps: 3 power x 3HP

*Circulation pump: 1 power x 0.5HP

*Air pump: 1 power x 1HP

*Ozone disinfection: 1 power of 200mg / h

*Water heater BALBOA power 3KW : 1

*Water halogen lighting LED multicolor : 1

*LED fiber optic bundles color therapy: 38

*Water filter SKIMMER: 2

*Aerating the water pump and the air pump : 3

* LED Waterfall : 1

*Foam headrests : 3

*Aromatherapy container : 1



*Housing : 460 GBP

*Wooden stairs to the pool : 190 GBP


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