Crystal C736 2200x2200mm

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  • CE- This Ceart means that this product conforms with the essential requirements of the applicable EC Directives
  • TUV – Technical Approval of Independent Certification Body
  • Cleaning system – OZONE DISINFECTION built in! Thanks to that option water will be crystal clear, free of germs any kind of contamination.
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DIMENSIONS: 2200 × 2200 × 995mm

Color of acrylic: WHITE

Total number of seats: 5

The design of the entire stainless steel basin.

Total number of jets: 97


* 36 x Small water jets HYDRO JET diameter 2,2 ”

* 28 x Small Water Jets Hydro SPA JETS diameter 2,2 ”

* 5 x ROTARY JEWS Hydro SPA JETS water jets, diameter 2,5 ”

* 2 x Small water jets HYDRO JET diameter 2,5 ”

* 2 x Large Hydro SPA JETS water jets, diameter 3.5 ”

* 2 x Large jets Hydro SPA JETS diameter 3,5 ”

* 5 x Large Hydro SPA JETS water jets 4,5 “diameter

* 4 x Large water jets POINT Hydro SPA JETS diameter 4,5 ”

* 1 x Large Water Jets Hydro SPA JETS diameter 5 ”

* 12 x LED air jets (seven colored) 1.5 ”

* Unique design, quality and precision in every detail of the jacuzzi, the best materials and components from the USA: Acrylic Aristech Acrylic (antibacterial), control Balboa or Canadian company Gecko leaders in the middle of controllers around the world.

* Diversified and unique massage stations, so that each user can find something for themselves. A set of nozzles and their size designed by a physiotherapist to reach the places we want to massage, and to provide the right massage for each part of the body.

* Rigorous and thorough tests in the production of Jacuzzi allow you to minimize any problems while operating the product in the future.

* Rich standard equipment: seven-color LED lighting, LED air jets, a large number of massage jets and a variety of sizes, strong water pumps and air, energy-saving circulation pump, powerful 3KW water heater, full warming of the trough with 25mm PUR polyurethane foam 30mm, aromatherapy, aeration of water jets of each station, ozonation, polymer floor plate.

* Automatic time filtering of your Jacuzzi using a circulation pump and filters, the ability to set two modes of water cleaning: wounded and evening at any hours, and even the length of the filtration cycle.

* The function for freezing the water, if the water temperature drops to 10 degrees, the water heater with the circulating pump will automatically start. The possibility of using the Jacuzzi 365 days a year, there is no need to empty the SPA with the winter season.

* Three operating modes: Standard, Economy, Sleep will help adjust filtration work and heating for the most demanding customers.




  • JET hydro-massage water pump: 2 x 3HP
  • Circulation pump: 1 x power: 0.35HP
  • Air pump: 1 x power: 700W
  • Ozone disinfection: 1 x 200mg / h
  • Water heter: 1x power: 3KW


*Bathtub illumination in a circle with additional LEDs, seven colored: 34

*Skimmer water filter: 2

*Regulation of water pump operation intensity: 2

*Water pump aeration function: 2


(if there is no bathing person in the station, we close the water supply, then there will be a stronger massage for one post)

*Water level sensor: 2

*Release valve: 1

*Suction valve: 4

*Foam headrests: 3

*Aromatherapy container: 1

*Waterfall with multi-color LED back-light: 1

*Isolation: YES

  • each jet has an aeration function
  • each jet with smooth regulation of aeration and massage strength
  • each jet has an aeration function
  • each jet with smooth regulation of aeration and massage strength

*Parallel air bus (each jet is supplied separately)

*serial water line (jets connected in a closed circuit)


* protection of the water pump against overheating and puncture

* protection of the air pump against overheating and puncture

* protection of the heater before work without water and without a water pump running

* protection of the heater against overheating and puncture

* protection of the water pump against work without water in the system

* main protection against puncture



If you intend to buy a bathtub with hydromassage, it must be OZONE DISINFECTION FUNCTION, thanks to this feature the drainage of the bathtub will be free from bacteria, algae and other pollutants. In addition, you will never feel an unpleasant odor during a long period of non-use of the bathtub !!!! Ozone disinfection eliminates unpleasant odors from water, water will always be clean !!!

Air-water massage + JACUZZI

*massage causes oxygenation of the body

*we feel relaxed and rested

*our cells under the influence of oxygenation cause a rejuvenation process

*more and more often, aromatherapy is used for bathing in a jacuzzi.


Color therapy helps to eliminate problems that every human body has to deal with:

Basic colors:

– activates, animates, dynamizes, intensifies, extracts deeply blocked energy, stimulates dormant, sluggish and reduced mental processes, strengthens the senses.

– calms, inhibits, concentrates, cools, accumulates energy, brings to order excessively active inflammatory processes, calms down.

– strengthens, tones, opens, enlivens the mind, stimulates, but does not annoy, expands the field of energy, strengthens weak body processes, eliminates numbness, strengthens nervous immunity.

Three complementary colors:

– restores balance, relaxes, calms, maintains the physical and mental energy in a state of equilibrium, eliminates tension and pain, gives a deep peace.

– regenerates, enlivens, heats, stimulates energy more gently than red and calmly regenerates it, eliminates spasms.

– inspires, calms nerves, reduces nervous stimulation, raises the level of energy transformation, supports mental effort, relaxes, soothes irritated nerves, relieves pain.

Brackets for the pan

The design of our Spa has been designed to prevent damage due to stresses arising over time and water pressure, as well as the user. The even weight distribution and the use of brackets under the seats prevent damage and ensure the longevity of our Jacuzzi.


Composite housing resistant to weather conditions

The casing finish looks like high-quality wood that does not require any maintenance. The housing maintains shine for many years. The best materials were used to create the casing.


Polymer floor plate reinforced cast

One-piece floor plate forms the base of the jacuzzi. The board is constructed to create a barrier resistant to moisture, insects and cold substrate on which the SPA will be located. The floorboard also prevents energy loss, thanks to which the bottom of the bathtub is very tight. There is no gap between the bathtub and the plate. The floor plate gives extra stability to the bathtub!

Full bathtub insulation (insulation of the bottom of the casing tub and pan)

The bathtub’s full insulation is distributed over the entire floor slab, by spreading the polyurethane foam, thanks to which the insulation coating creates a protective barrier to prevent energy losses in our SPA. Without the use of a floor plate and complete insulation, the heat from the bathtub would quickly escape to the damp ground. In addition, when selecting a full insulation, our bathtub has a warming all over the tub body so that in no way the cold air gets into the bathtub.

Essential oils added to the bath cause that we get stronger healing effects and the bath becomes more pleasant. You can use the so-called a pearl bath with aromatherapy or an aromatic bath. Such baths relax, stimulate, strengthen and support during periods associated with colds. The temperature of the water bath should be within 35-38 C, while the aromatic bath should not exceed 20-30 minutes.

Very high standard of equipment, high quality finish and used materials for production, high quality acrylic, which will not rub off even after 10 years !!, resistant to any scratches.