At Crystal Bathroom, we supply high quality bath and bathroom accessories including the Hot Tubs. The Hot tubs are a great addition to baths for gaining whole body massage, hydrotherapy, and relaxation. The Hot tubs supplied at our online shops has the following features:

  • Made up of supreme quality acrylic material from the USA
  • The water jets are made of Acrylic that render long lasting service
  • The bath is designed for providing complete satisfaction and comfortable massage


Some of the dynamic details of the Hot Tub

Floor plate reinforced polymer cast

The Jacuzzi base is formed with the pieces of the floor plate that is resistant to moisture, insects, and a cold substrate. There’s no space left between the plate and the bath that locks energy preventing it to lose through the bottom of the tub.

Channel Brackets

All the models of the Hot Tub are designed for resisting the damages caused with the passing of time or with the water pressure or the load of users. There are weight distributors and brackets fitted under the seats for avoiding damages. This also enhances the durability of the items.

Compound housing weatherproof

The bath has a premium quality wooden finish that gives the luster for years to come. For creating the impact, only superior quality housing material is used.

The security features installed in the tub

Our bathtubs are equipped with some safety and security features that follow:

  • Safety measure for avoiding overheating of the air pump and puncture
  • The heater is protected from running without the water supply and the water pump
  • Measures are taken for avoiding excessive heating of the heater and puncture
  • The water pump does not run without the supply of water in the system
  • The bath is completely insulated in the bottom housing insulation and in the cavity
  • A insulating coating is placed for avoiding loss of energy from the bath to the wet substrate
  • The isolation of full baths is placed over the floor plate after the layer of polyurethane foam.
  • The floor plate does not allow loss of energy



Colourtherapy is an amazing method of restoring the balance of the body. The hot tubs release some primary colours that include:


This colour reduces mental pressure, release positive energy, strengthens senses, and improvises sleep.


It relaxes mind and body, help in laying focus, staying cool and composed.


It elevates the level of positive energy, strengthens the weak functions of the body, improvises the resistance power of nerves, relaxes down the mind, etc.

All these dynamic features are available in the products supplied by Crystal Bathroom. We are amongst the leading suppliers of bathroom appliances online. All our products come with discount offers so browse the best one and order for it.

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