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Terms & Conditions

In order to keep on providing you excellent quality service, we have set a few standard service parameters and those are referred to as the Terms and Conditions.

We warmly welcome you to Crystal Bathroom. In our website’s browsing Terms and Conditions, we have tried to maintain resemblance with the company Privacy Policy so that, it becomes a pleasing experience for all the viewers and customers to browse our website. Before start browsing our website please go through the Terms carefully for experiencing a hassle-free browsing. Your continuation of browsing our website makes us believe that you agree with the company terms.

  • All the contents on our website are here to provide you with some clear idea about our services and products. We are not liable for any kind of inaccuracy in the content if found. Those contents are submitted voluntarily and the company does not claim for its 100% accuracy.
  • It is requested to all the visitors of our website to compare the details present on our website with their other known sources. We are not liable for any kind of mistake if found in the content.
  • You will find lots of external links on our website. Those links are present on our website to give you some clear idea about the service and product that we provide. We do not promote any of those links through our website.
  • The information and details provided on our website are suggestive and for the sole purpose of giving the customers and the viewers a general idea and concept about the service. We do not claim any accuracy or genuineness of those contents and details.
  • Most of the things present on our website are copyright protected. Some of them are like the logo and name of the company. If anyone is found copying any of that information then strict legal actions will be taken against them.

The company and the website preserves all the rights to bring any suitable and needed changes to the terms and conditions as deemed fit by the company and without any prior intimation to the existing viewers and customers.

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