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Whirlpool baths – Majorca 692 Heater


Main components Majorca 692:


High quality Acrylic Sanitary

High quality chrome jets and spout



Product Description


1 centrifugal pump (water) 1.5HP (1100W)

1 air pump (wind) 0,25HP (200W)

TOTAL 21 body jets:

10 water jets:

6 large chrome jets (rotated)

4 small water jets “hydro jet” back massage

8 air nozzles in the bottom of the tub.JACUZZI EFFECT !!

4 LED jets seven colors

* Valve opening / closing water tributary to the waterfall

* Water jets aeration system

* American waterfall (cascade)

23 LEDs on profiled in the bathtub waterfall

* Drain

* Two speakers

* Two Comfortable Headrests

* Water circulation

* Hot / Cold water controller

* Water intensity switch

* Water consumption switch

* Ozone sterilization, ozone bath

* Elegant handset shower

* Digital touch control panel with FM radio

* Electric leakage protector


Size: 1650x1500x620mm

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