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HOT TUBS - Crystal Bathroom
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Hot Tubs – Crystal SPA – 703B


Crystal SPA – 703B

SIZE : 2300x2150x970 mm

Equipment characteristics Whirlpool SPA

US ACRYLIC ,color : blue ocean



Product Description

6 seats

Construction of the whole pool of stainless steel

Total number of stainless steel nozzles: 172 pcs

*Small jets HYDRO JET spot diameter 2 “: 32 pieces

*Small Hydro-point 1.5”: 112 pieces

*Water jets Large Hydro SPA JETS diameter 3.5 “: 9 pieces

*Water DIRECT jets  Large Hydro SPA JETS diameter of 5 “: 1 piece

*LEDs air nozzles (seven color) 1.5 “: 18 pieces

*Recessed nozzles do not stick out beyond the acrylic bathtub

*Computer control basin BILBOA: 1pc


*Hydromassage water pumps: 3pcs power 3HP

*Circulation pump: 1 pcs power : 0.5HP

*The air pump: 1 pc power: 1.25HP

*Ozone disinfection: 1 pc power of 200mg / h

*Water heater BALBOA power 3KW : 1pc

*Water halogen lighting LED multicolor : 1pcs

*LED fiber optic bundles color therapy: 43pcs

*Water filter SKIMMER: 1pcs

*Aerating the water pump and the air pump : 4pcs

*Closure tributary water valves for the positions: 2 pcs

*Foam headrests : 5pcs

*Aromatherapy container : 1pcs

*Double Insulation


*Housing : 460 euros

*Wooden stairs to the pool : 190 euros

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