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Privacy Policy

Whenever you think of buying any bathroom accessory in London, Manchester or in any other parts in the UK, the one name that comes to mind is Crystal Bathroom. We have been supplying the best products for years. Along with the quality of the products, we are very much concerned about the privacy that we follow for keeping the customer details safe and official.

We are one of the leading choices for all types of bathroom accessories for residences or for commercial places. We have been doing so for years and we have always considered customer privacy as one of the prime needs that we dedicate to serve. Our Privacy Policy is effectively structured to protect the customer’s rights. We do not use cookies but, we need some browsing details that would let us know what’s going on at the outside market. This will allow us to offer even more customized solutions to you!

You are requested to understand the policy clearly before sharing the details of yours with us.

We ask our customers to fill up a form. This helps us to get some details about our customers which we use to make our service more user-friendly and customized. The privacy policy will explain how those details are used, maintained, and protected for the sole purpose of improving our service.

We collect these voluntarily given details by customers

We collect the details from our customers to understand their requirements properly and give them proper service. The details are provided willingly by our customers and we use those details only for development purposes. We need the following details from our customers:-

  • Name of the customers
  • Address
  • Contact details
  • Email id

These details are used to inform our customers about the latest services and status. We never use these details for any promotional purposes.

How the details are used, maintained and protected?

We are very much aware of how much these details are valuable to our customers. So, we follow extreme precautions while handling these details. Only a few of our officials have access to those data. We never discuss these details with any third party or promotional sources. The details are stored in our secured database and that is scanned with the latest antivirus to prevent malware attacks.

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